Peter Quint is a Dutch amateur/hobby photographer.

His work covers a wide range of photographic subjects such as: Landscapes,Wildlife, Architecture, Jazz-concerts, Historical Sites, Travel-photography, Abstract, Urban Exploration & Industrial Legacy.

Since his first secondhand Praktika Super TL 2 (SLR) Peter developed his passion for photography, the magic of catching the light and what is illuminated by it.

It turned out to be the pefect match together with his other passion: travelling. Peter is always seeking for "the moment", the best light, the beauty of disrepair, the "shadowgames", the abstract lines, the atmosphere and he captures all this in his very characteristic way. Always in focus.

Peter: "From the moment I do pick up my camera the thrilling starts, 'just looking around' becomes intense observing and seeking for opportunities what to catch. So much beauty to be seen. The hunt is on. And my motto? Well: ...."


Some of his work has been mentioned and/or published in the Dutch/Belgian

edition of National Geographic Magazine, Zoom.NL (the Netherlands),

Le Figaro Magazine (France), The Telegraph (UK), The Daily Mail (UK), (Greece/UK), Newspano (Germany), (USA), (UK/Iraq), (USA), (India),

National Geographic's (USA),, (USA/Thailand), (USA), (USA), NewsNow Magazine (South-Africa), (Zambia).

Prize winning photographs:

Dutch/Belgian National Geographic Photo Community: 1st prize,December 2007,

title: "LA Music Center", 2nd prize, August 2010, title: "Time to shelter".

ZOOM.NL: 1st prize, April 2009, title:"Naughty".

His gear:

Various Nikon bodies + objectives.

Copyright Peter Quint. All rights reserved. Please note the following: although

my photographs are published in the public domain it does not mean they are

public property or free stock images. Therefore, its use without my written consent is illegitimate.

All my photographs are marked with hidden copyright-software and identification-software.